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GTA nelle Valli di Lanzo

Nelle Valli di Lanzo il Sentiero Italia segue quasi fedelmente il tracciato GTA (Grande Traversata delle Alpi) per cui non si è reso necessario ideare nuovi sentieri ed itinerari ...

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Social hut

Baita sociale San Giacomo

CLUB ALPINO ITALIANO Sezione di Lanzo Torinese
Via G. B. Savant, 1 - LANZO (ITALY)

This is a beautifully restored pasture in scenic spot located approximately 1400 meters of altitude, on the watershed of the Tesso-Val Grande Valley of Lanzo, in the village of San Giacomo Moia completely immersed in the green. The structure is divided into two self-sufficient housing, has 20 beds, independent facilities with shower, solar lighting, suitable for weekly stays for families of CAI members.

The weeks are completely self-managed

Cottage in winter

Cottage in summer












How to get 

By car:

Total Time: 15 minutes) - Once on the square Chiaves go right and follow the steep road leading to the Sistine Fontana. Take the paved road to the right source of the Sistine Chapel (opposite the fountain) while ignoring the climb, the aberrations that are detached from the main road. After about 15 minutes you reach the junction for S. James, go left on dirt road past a gate and quickly reaching the broad saddle of St. James Hill, from there you start to get down and found two other bivii keep to your left until you reach the square in place a few meters upstream of 'Alpe St. James, where the road ends and you can leave your car. Wanting the path described above can also be traversed by mountain-bike in 1 h / h 1.30 minutes.


(Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes - Difficulty T) - Access: On the right side of the square of Chiaves comes off the road to Fountain and the Sistine be embarked; to the next junction turn left (signposted Cresto). Follows an uphill road becomes dirt a few yards before the panoramic small square clay that is the Col de la Croix, where you can leave your car. Ascent: On the right side of the square take a cart (wooden signs) that goes toward Case Colombero.Alla first corner to leave the road and go straight slipping between houses that rapidly exceed (yellow-red stamps 3R). Pass a few isolated constructions come to a clear crossroads where you leave the flat to go up on the right track. The march, never tiring, spread among beautiful birch woods past a couple of rocks, an old pasture and a small repeater. We sight then the grassy slope that hosts of S. James of Moia and soon you reach the dirt road that must be followed to the left, downhill. Approached a right curve and leads to a last linear descendant "Alpe St. James" (1400 m, 1 hour 30 minutes).





News on the cottage

In location of Menulla Chiaves, at 1,500 meters. in the woods is the SHACK SOCIAL CAI Lanzo complete with all the comforts: hot water in the kitchen and bathroom, hot shower, kitchen with gas central power, lighting with solar panels in all rooms, panoramic views of Ceres and Val d'Ala.

The dormitory


The kitchen









Two accommodation on each floor, with kitchen, bedroom (10 bunks), bathroom, offered to members for weekly shift autogestiti.La facilmante House is accessible by paved road to beyond the fountain's Sistine Chiaves (Monastery Lanzo) in Tesso Valley, then continues with a dirt road of 800 meters. until the construction. It comes fully equipped with the members, mattresses, blankets, pillows, gas donuts dishes, pots etc.. will 'associates take care of food for the stay SELF.
The town more 'close (Chiaves) is an hour of trail, there is only one nearby pastures with herdsman at 100 mt. the rest are only pastures and woods. The rent and 'reserved only for CAI members.


The bathroom


Tours departing from cottage



Excursion to Monastero's lake (2,30 h)




Excursion to museum "antica miniera Brunetta" (3 h)





Crossing to Farm holidays "Salvin" (2 h)




Excursion to Mount Angiolino (3,5 h)






Climbing wall at the back of the cottage

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CAI Sezione di Lanzo T.se

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